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Shops that provide not only tangible products but also intangible services

Through its more than 100 years in the baseball business, Mizuno has aimed to enhance its customers‘ shopping experience.

Experience live baseball

The first step in this initiative is the VIRTUAL BALLPARK. This VR program allows users to experience live baseball through 3D pitch trajectories that are generated from actual pitching data. Not only does this provide a wide range of users with the simple fun of VR, it also allows users to experience the fusion of sports and data, which is a hot topic right now.

  In addition to the VIVE’s (the VR device’s) infrared sensors, Mizuno has added its own sensors to capture bat swing arcs. These make it possible to show the maximum swing speed. Furthermore, through the system Mizuno jointly developed with Ritsumeikan University, the program estimates and analyzes the point where the bat collides with the ball.

Experience live baseball
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