An Online Movie in which Everything Changes in the Blink of an Eye: BLINK by Xiao En

An Interactive Creative Experience by Xiao En that Uses Facial Expression Recognition

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Leveraging facial recognition technology for creative content

Xiao En is a prominent Malaysian funeral services provider. Its brand tagline is “caring like family.”

It started the Blink project with the belief that “love for our families originates in mourning the time with our loved ones that slips away.”

Rather than just repeating this belief, the team wanted to let their audience really experience what that’s like. So they had the idea to make a video in which time rapidly advances every time the viewer blinks, symbolizing the time they cannot spend with their loved ones. Malaysian advertising firm Bonsey Jaden provided the creative team, AOI company and film production Directors Think Tank formed the production team, and SOOTH served as the technical team as the project moved forward in creative development.

Leveraging facial recognition technology for creative content

Valuing time leads to valuing people

Some people may feel that their parents have aged quickly when seeing them for the first time in a while. Undoubtedly that feeling stems from the length of time since they last saw their parents. In Blink, the more viewers blink (the more time they do not see the characters), the faster time passes, and the male protagonist ultimately disappears. Viewers who experienced Blink for the first time could comprehend the message that “time flies in the blink of an eye,” though they still may not have known what that means. Within that visualization lies the truth.

Valuing time leads to valuing people

To deepen engagement with even more people

Rather than just focus on “mobile App,” the team was adamant about publishing the video as browser-compatible web content to have as many people experience Blink as possible.

The original idea takes shape as a story, and the technology makes the video easy to use. This result is what we should expect from creative experience-based content. Blink asks viewers for access to their cameras, and viewers accept it. Therefore, Blink has viewers repeatedly experience the video so that they can understand what is going on, thus promoting more vibrant user engagement with the Xiao En brand.

Blink by Xiao En won three bronze awards in two categories and a merit in another category at the Kancil Awards 2019, Malaysia’s most renowned advertising awards.
Bronze – Best Use of Interactive & Dynamic Content
Bronze – Best Use of Web Platforms
Bronze – Kancil for Good: Digital Experience, Merit – Innovation in Film & Branded Content

To deepen engagement with even more people
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