Access To Insight

By the stage of thinking and reacting,
people’s perception of what they felt has
already been influenced by conscious biases.
By obtaining data and building databases of vital reactions,
we can make assumptions about the layers of latent insights
to be uncovered in the deepest part of the mind based on
instantaneous reactions rather than on
responses made after the fact.


Sensing technologies and multimodal data

In order to gain these insights, we collect data on reactions to certain stimuli through vital sign. We believe that combining data obtained for eye tracking, EEG, ECG, and the electrical resistance of skin resistance is effective for this.

Method 01

Eye Tracking

Using a method that places tiny cameras around the eyes, eye movement can be tracked not only to reveal roughly the area where a person is looking, but with the methods we use, also down to the level of a single letter in on-screen text, for example (viewing angle under 1, down to 120 fps).

Method 02

EEG Measurement

The reason for using vital reaction sensing is to avoid the response bias that occurs with response-based research. We use the optimal simple devices and algorithms to obtain brain activity data while also maintaining accuracy in the data collected.

Method 03

Aggregation Automation and Operation UI Development

Collected data is uploaded to the cloud immediately, and from there can it be aggregated in a variety of ways for output at any time. Our user interface design is meant to visualize data in a way that makes it easy even for non-specialist users to understand.


  • Visual surveys

    Visual surveys

    For video, still images, and 2D designs

  • Product surveys

    Product surveys

    For product design and display methods

  • Spatial surveys

    Spatial surveys

    For building exterior appearance and interior design

  • Training


    For evaluating proficiency levels during simulation experiences


  • UI evaluation

    UI evaluation

    For assessing user experience for websites and systems

  • Compatibility evaluation

    Compatibility evaluation

    For job aptitude and compatibility recommendations using vital reaction.

  • Sensory analysis

    Sensory analysis

    Uses vital reactions to identify abilities that may lie under the surface

  • Viewing attitude analysis

    Viewing attitude analysis

    Revealing smartphone use and viewing attitudes in real space

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