GAZE Counter, a Scoring and Analysis Solution for Video Viewer Gazes


GAZE Counter, a Scoring and Analysis Solution for Video Viewer Gazes

  • INSIGHT Research
  • 2019.08.08

Video analysis with a focus on gazes

The GAZE Counter is SOOTH’s proprietary solution that displays a numerical score for the eye-tracking data of video viewers. These scores demonstrate the video elements on which the viewer’s attention have been caught.

It is difficult to intuitively assess how video affects people, but quantifying biological reaction data enables statistical analysis of this impact. Thanks to the organization and processing of the collected data, users can conduct comparative analyses to provide a contrast with other varied data sets or attribute-based studies.

Using SOOTH’s expertise in VR to capture eye-tracking data

SOOTH uses VR, which facilitates eye-tracking, to precisely capture gazes. VR limits the influence of external stimuli, making it more likely to be effective in capturing brainwave data.

Analytics combining gaze and brainwave data also possible

By comparing over the same timeline a GAZE Score with a NEURO Score —a visualized record of human interest derived through processing brainwave data—this solution allows creators to determine the precise timing of viewers’ strongest reactions, while identifying what on the screen captured their attention.

SOOTH intends to use the knowledge gained through helping video creators improve their content quality to eventually establish an effective predictive model.

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