The Clarity of the Brain Monitor


The Clarity of the Brain Monitor

  • INSIGHT Research
  • 2018.12.10

The Exhibit at the Digital Content Expo

As a part of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Project for Enhancing New Development in the Content Industry, the Digital Content Association of Japan—a supporter of new businesses—chose Sooth’s Brain Monitor as a “cutting-edge content technology from all corporations and research institutions.” From November 14 through 16, Sooth gave presentations and let visitors experience this technology at its booth in Makuhari Messe.

Communication that Does Not Rely on Language

Because the Brain Monitor easily measures and visualizes brain waves, it can promote insights into how infants and very young children are feeling or otherwise help people understand individuals who struggle with language-based communication. (The device has already been used to monitor the responses from five-year-old children regarding their drink preferences.) In fact, the Brain Monitor is equipped with the ability to gather data on and supply the number of times words are used during a specific period, on both its iPad and PC versions.

Strength in Simplicity

By simply attaching the head sensors and launching the iPad app, users can see what’s going on in their brains. The Brain Monitor is an extremely simple tool that does not include any complicated systems or services. At the venue, the booth’s visitors offered unique ideas and prompted discussions regarding what they would like to use the Brain Monitor for and how it can be used. Naturally, it is also compatible with entertainment-oriented content, which was the topic of many inquiries, and it promises applications in a variety of situations.

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