Brain wave analysis and marketing


Brain wave analysis and marketing

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  • 2018.08.01

Since the presentation at Kancil Festival 2018 in Kuala Lumpur

One of the key research themes at SOOTH is obtaining insights through emotion sensing. We believe that by investigating the patterns governing people’s “unconscious, instantaneous, and automatic” responses to a given stimulus, we can go beyond language to access user psychology more directly.

Even when we say “yes,” the decision is more complex

We track eye movement and brain waves in order to understand the psychology of users who feel conflicted about their answers. If the eyes are truly a window to the soul, then why can’t EEG data be a manual for that soul?

Both eye movement and brain waves have been studied for many years, but recently, progress in IoT and processing systems has started to make this concept seem a lot more real.

Validation through a range of user testing

Even just internally, we have begun to see extremely interesting results from simple tests, including results where brain waves indicate the opposite of the subject’s answer even though a survey showed them to have low receptivity to it. We believe that this will lead us to discover insights that were not apparent through conventional research methods, such as things we desire and things that we draw away from unconsciously.

By asking tough questions of members of the audience during the on-stage demonstration, we were able to demonstrate some of the potential of the gaps between their response and their vital reactions.

Our demonstration in the exhibit booth combined VR baseball and an EEG monitor to output a visual representation of the excitement of the experience on a screen.

The AOI Pro. Group, which SOOTH is part of, also has AOI Asia as a video production base for Asia in addition to AOI Pro. in Japan. All of these companies use their combined resources to discover new truth together.

*The Group’s Malaysian subsidiary Directors Think Tank (AOI Asia) received the Production House of the Year Award at the Kancil Awards 2018, Malaysia’s biggest advertising awards event.
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