We combine creative efforts with a faculty for analyzing various types of data to pursue the truth (Sooth) of what makes human life rich.
SOOTH Inc. is a brand-new type of solutions provider formed under the auspices of AOI Pro., a major Asian video production company that offers poignant experiences.



Capital Fund

320,000,000 JPY (Including Capital Reserve)


Feb. 1ST, 2018


Ginza COM Bldg. 6F, 8-15-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Areas of Business

Experience design consulting, content design and production through biological reaction data accumulation and application, and service/solution development

June 2016 :
AOI Pro. established its Experience Design department
1 February 2018 :
AOI Pro. established SOOTH as a joint venture with the consulting firm Altitude Inc.
December 2018 :
SOOTH became a wholly owned subsidiary of AOI Pro.
Board Members
  • Yasutoshi Nukada, Representative Director
  • Takayuki Yoshizawa, Director
  • Takashi Hattori, Outside Director
  • Ippei Matsuo, Outside Director
  • Tomohito Yamaki, Outside Auditor
Top Message

“Access to Human Insight for Humans”

SOOTH is a solutions company whose mission is to make human experiences and lives richer through experience design, based on a focus on biological reaction data and deep insights into human emotions and behaviors.

As one of the world's largest productions of TV commercials and other video content, the AOI Pro. Group has always presented inspiring media. Behind our strengths lies a core competency of designing experiences based on the knowledge gained through capturing and analyzing human motivations.

In other words, we decode brain activity, eye movements, and other subconscious biological reactions in real time and in a manner that is familiar and easy to understand. We offer planning, design, production, and improvement for a variety of content that demonstrates our creative and production talents.
We would be delighted if our solutions bolster corporate service and product development, as well as the marketing and communications that tie together corporations and people.

We simultaneously aim to build new forecast models, not grounded in past behavior, by collecting biological reaction data from large groups of people facing specific stimuli, and then to analyze this data through machine learning and other modern techniques.
Our company name, SOOTH (“truth”), expresses our will and resolution to arrive at human truths through these approaches.

We would be overjoyed if our stakeholders and customers showed an interest in our efforts. Feel free to contact us for details about our work or to discuss specific solutions.

Yasutoshi Nukada
Representative Director

Michiko Ohkura, PhD (Engineering)

Member of Section III, Science Council of Japan;
Professor Emeritus, Shibaura Institute of Technology;
(Specially Appointed) Professor, SIT Research Laboratories, Shibaura Institute of Technology;
Visiting professor, Chuo University Graduate School of Science and Engineering;
Vice President, Japan Society of Kansei Engineering;
Fellow, Virtual Reality Society of Japan

To always conduct testing from an objective perspective, we have Dr. Ohkura monitor how we handle biological reaction data, approach statistics, and quantify emotions.

1976 : Graduated from the Mathematical Information Engineering course, Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1978 : Awarded a master's degree from the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1979 : Hired by the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory
1984 : Hired by Hitachi ULSI Engineering
1986 : Hired by Dynax Corporation
1995 : Completed a doctoral program at the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
April 1999–March 2019 : Professor, College of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology
April 2019–present : SOOTH supervisor
Publications: Kawaii Engineering, Asakura Publishing
Kawaii Engineering , Springer Nature

This research looks at projects—from Japan, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe—that use numerical expressions of the sensations known in Japan as wakuwaku (excitement) and kawaii (cuteness).


MAIL: info@sooth.co.jp

Development History
September 2016 (as the former AOI Pro. Experience Design Department)

Announced VR Dream Match™ - Baseball, a combination of creative video (CG) and experiential technologies
Experiences that reproduce reality through real pitching data, high-quality VR video, motion capture, and haptic feedback

June 2017 (as the former AOI Pro. Experience Design Department)

Announced VR Private Tour ™ - WONDERFUL WORLD, a combination of creative video (live film), experiential technologies, and biological reaction monitoring
Experiences that reproduce reality through high-quality VR video, three-dimensional audio, and sensory (visual, auditory, olfactory, haptic, and vestibular senses) feedback, plus an application for gathering biological reaction data
Simultaneously announced Brain Monitor, a device that visualizes brain activity and heart rate data as emotions

July 2017 (as the former AOI Pro. Experience Design Department)

Announced VR On - Air Test, a combination of VR-based video/audio and biological reaction monitoring biological reaction data capture that combines VR applications for designing audio/visual spaces; brain activity/heart rate visualizations; eye tracking data visualizations; judgments about the degree of subject concentration/relaxation, based on biological reaction data; video ratings based on user biological reactions; and reports replete with the knowledge gained, plus an application for analysis

February 2018

Established SOOTH Inc.

June 2019

Brain Monitor, with an added data output function, earned a Merit Award in the Business and Commercial category of the Asia Smart App Awards 2019.

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